Saturday, 30 May 2015

Some hours before Tours de fjords - Humor - The red lady

I was flicking through my past drawings, and found this one of the Red lady. 

Not exactly taken from the Tours de fjords, but maybe I should take a close look
at the bikers who will be biking outside my veranda later today.

I am sure I will find some inspiration ;) 

Can`t complain about the view. There will be no possibility to use cars, or even take the bus for many hours! It is very empty in the street at the moment, but small flag`s is up to remind everyone about the event. 

If you want to know more: 

The sun is out, let`s hope it last all day!

View from my veranda.

May this day be great - Follow your heart!

Nå har jeg registrert meg på Bloggurat. Jeg har plassert min blogg i Sandnesnorske bloggkart!

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