Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Collage & poetry - The feeling of stillness is peace, and the feeling of peace is joy.

Go Deeper

by Chris McCombs

Go deeper
Past thought
Into silence
Past silence
Into stillness
Deeper still
Past stillness
Into the Heart
Let the Love
Whatever is left of you

Still the Body

by Kabir

still the body
still the mind
still the voice inside
in silence
feel the stillness move
this feeling
cannot be imagined

I can feel the stillness around
The harbinger of secret knowledge
Wind whispers the message in my ear
Stirring the silence within me
And everything finite becomes infinite
As I lose myself in the depth of stillness

By Amitav Radiance

If you keep indulging
the mind’s play, you will miss
the untouched stillness
inside your own heart.
~ Mooji ~

Well, when I look at this collage It does not reflect any stillness, 
I rather call it a scream!

It is all collage from my sketchbook/art journal, and I am searcing to find something, or some colorors, some answer..................the answer is within me,......this is the way to express them  for the time being.

 The feeling of stillness is peace, and the feeling of peace is joy. Therefore, come back to center and feel the joy.  Do this frequently throughout the day. Come back to center as many moments of the day as you can, and let the joy you feel permeate everything you do

In the perfect stillness of the night

Tim Woodhouse

In the perfect stillness of the night
Some artistic sense inspires me
And makes me think that one day I just might
Reach out from daily, dull monotony -
Achieve some lasting goal, some burning aim -
And then I wake and go to work again...

The word collage comes from the French verb coller and refers literally to “pasting, sticking, or gluing,” as in the application of wallpaper.  In French, collage is also idiomatic for an “illicit” sexual union, two unrelated “items,” being pasted or stuck together.  This undertone of illicitness is actually germane to the meaning of the word, for collage does not just apply to any paste-up.  “Si ce sont les plumes qui font le plumage,” as Max Ernst wittily put it, “ce n’est pa la colle qui fait le collage.”  In her monumental study of the subject (1968), Herta Wescher made clear that although, strictly speaking, collaging diverse elements is hardly a new idea, such familiar items as lace and paper valentines, or the trompe l’oeil pictures of vases made from tiny postage stamps, popular in nineteenth century America, or, say, the feather mosaic pictures made by the Aztecs of Mexico, are not quite collages in our sense of the word, for collage always involves the transfer of materials from one context to another.  As the authors of the 1978 Group Mu manifesto put it: “Each cited element breaks the continuity or the linearity of the discourse and leads necessarily to a double reading: that of the fragment perceived in relation to its text of origin; that of the same fragment as incorporated into a new whole, a different totality.  The trick of collage consists also of never entirely suppressing the alterity of these elements reunited in a temporary composition.”

Read the whole article: http://marjorieperloff.com/stein-duchamp-picasso/collage-poetry/#ixzz3Zu7HQpi5

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