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‘The Book of One’ - Advaita - ART & POEM - Jæren landscape

Jæren landscape

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Poetry is the universal language which the heart holds with nature and itself

William Hazlitt

KNOWING THE SELF: Whatever we can see objectively, we cannot be that. This applies just as much to the idea of a role, that is actually a group of concepts in the mind, as to a physical object that we believe to exist on the other side of the room. Indeed, this is another argument to explain how it is that our real Self must forever elude the mind. We can never know it as an object simply because it is always the subject.

TRUTH: The most profound wisdom is knowledge of Self. All false conceptions of what this is must be renounced before the Truth can be discovered. Truth is not about acquiring more and more knowledge until some sort of critical mass is attained and the Self is realised - quite the opposite. It is about discarding more and more of the material and immaterial aspects to which the ego has become attached until nothing more is left – the Self is none of these.

HAPPINESS: This is the ultimate irony. We spend all our efforts looking outside of ourselves for that elusive object or situation which will finally give us lasting happiness. Yet it is the act of looking that takes us away from happiness. Happiness is what remains when searching ceases and we are ‘left’ with our Self - perfect happiness.

¸¸♫♥ •*”˜˜”*°•.•*”˜˜”*°•. ˜”*°•♥•°*”˜
 The light within

Deep in our heart, the light of Truth is shining
There is no limitations between souls
Who understand the language of truth...

The knowing is; that this is all, this is perfect, this is it.
Truth has no hiding places, the discovery is; you was there all the time......

You have never been away.

From Love, the soul learns in a kind compassionate way.
Love reminds you only of what you already know;
Heaven is within your heart....

Your beloved is already there.

Poem by Jane Monica
 ¸¸♫♥ •*”˜˜”*°•.•*”˜˜”*°•. ˜”*°•♥•°*”˜

PURITY OF MIND: Purity of mind means a mind not free of thought per se but free of thoughts that distract one from the pursuit of the truth – desire, anger, fear, worry, anticipation etc. Basically any thought that implies that I am in any way separate or limited is necessarily taking us away from the truth. Furthermore, most thoughts relate to ‘objects’ in the world of appearances. The search for truth is inwards to the reality of the Self so that all such thoughts are of no value.

FAITH: shraddhA is also what is involved in science when we provisionally accept a working hypothesis, which we then confirm by experimentation. It would not initially be regarded as scientific to accept (or reject) the hypothesis without experiment. Once many scientists have independently confirmed it for themselves, the hypothesis may become a ‘law’. Others then exercise shraddhA in accepting it without conducting the experiments themselves. It is in this sense that the statements in the shruti may be regarded as ‘laws’, since they have been validated many times by Sages.

(by f.)
First, years all lost within the dark;
Then came to Me this burning spark
That set to fire all and each belief
And prepped the stage for true relief.
I came as You, not planned at all,
Heard tales that do the sane appall,
But balked at lies they did all tell -
Their lies that make the mind true hell.
I make no claim that "Truth I speak."
(No one can state what seekers seek).
But specks have come to point the way
To what Each knows but cannot say.
You claim to know the only way...
That Truth is what he and you say.
To talk your hate with profane words
Then speak of "one"? What's more absurd?
The texts Your logic put on hold
And thoughts and words and deeds control.
Your mouth lets swollen ego sing,
Lost in your role of "special thing."

THE PROBLEM WITH THOUGHTS: There isn’t actually any problem with thoughts – thinking is what the mind does… and we are not the mind. When we first embark upon a study and practice of Advaita, it often seems that we are most nearly our true ‘Self’ when the mind is still and there is the perceptual and conceptual clarity of sattva. In fact, of course, we are always the Self, no matter what may be going on outside the body or within the mind.

OBSERVING: We, the observer, are inextricably linked with what we are trying to observe. The very act of observation changes the ‘reality’ of the situation. We cannot talk meaningfully about ‘things’ in isolation from us. This, of course, is just a small step away from saying that we are not actually separate from those ‘things’ or even that we and the supposed objects are actually aspects of a single reality.

REALITY: It is never going to be possible for the mind to move from the world that it thinks it knows to the Reality that it wants to know. The mind and the world are part of the illusion; the world is the domain of illusory objects and the mind the domain of illusory concepts. Once the Reality is known, in Self-realisation, the mind and world are known to exist no more as something separate from the Self. Thus it is that questions such as ‘how can I (the ego) come to know reality’ are actually meaningless. It is as if one of the characters in our dream were to ask how it could know what the waking state is like. All experience is of change; reality is not an event and cannot be perceived or experienced. Thus, everything that is perceived or experienced can be known to be transient and therefore unreal.

"Meditation is a state of absence of thoughts, i.e. absence of mind or ego. And in deep sleep, there is Consciousness only - again no ego. It is those moments when we 'forget ourselves' when we feel most alive and happy. Only forgetting ourselves permanently, i.e., eliminating the ego completely, can bring lasting happiness."

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