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The most important questions to ask yourself

Oilpainting by Jane Monica Tvedt

The most important questions to ask yourself

Once in a faraway land, there ruled a good king. He had everything he wished for, but one fine day three questions came into his mind.

1. What is the most important time ?
2. Who is the most important person ?
3. What is the most important thing to do ?

He became pretty restless and to find out the answers he went to his ministers and asked the questions.

The ministers after listening to his questions replied, “Oh, your highness, the most important time is the time you became king”. To his next question they replied, “You are the most important person because you’re the king” and to his last question they replied, “King please expand your kingdom it is the most important thing to do”.

But the answers he got didn’t satisfy him. Realizing this the chief minister got worried. He knew that these were deep questions that only a sage could answer. So, he suggested that the king meet a wise sage who lived in the mountains at the edge of the kingdom.

The next day, the curoius king, along with twenty soldiers rode out and they reached the mountain by dusk.

He thought that it would be inappropriate to meet the sage with so many soldiers and ordered them to stay at the foot of the mountai. Then, he started climbing up alone.

When he reached the top it was already quite dark and he was very tired.

Somehow, he reached the cave. He saw that the sage was meditating, so he decided to wait for him to complete his meditation.

Hours passed, as the king waited patiently, but the sage didn’t open his eyes.

The king decided that he would spend the night there and ask the sage his questions the next morning. Putting down his turban and sword, the tired king gulped some water from his flask, and went to sleep.

The next morning, he woke up totally refreshed, with golden sunlight streaming into the cave, and beautiful birds chirping happy songs as he breathed fresh air.

He got up, rubbed his eyes and turned to where the sage had been sitting in the night.

The sage was not there.

The king got up and walked out of the cave to the edge of the cliff.

He witnessed a glorious sight. He could see his whole kingdom from there. He was amazed at the beautiful view, and it brought a huge smile on his face.

Back home, in his palace, every morning was so different. The first thing he would get was the bad news - all his ministers and spies would come and tell him what wrong was going on in the kingdom and,


But, as he stood there on the edge of the cliff, admiring his kingdom, his heart connected and overflowed with love.

The king realized that this was the real reason why he was the king - to serve all the people of his lovely kingdom.

Just then, he realized that someone was tapping him on his shoulder.

The king turned around to see the sage standing there, looking fierce and threatening, with the king’s own sword pointing at his throat!

The king realised that his mind was numb and his thoughts had completely stopped. He could hear his heart thumping. The minister had sent him to his certain doom!

This man couldn't be a sage. He was a complete madman!

The sage brought his face close to the king's.

Looking deep into king’s eyes the sage whispered,

“King, now you tell me,

What is the most important time?

Who is the most important person ? &

What is the most important thing to do?”

The three questions hit the king and a moment later, he laughed as twinkle came into the sage's eyes.

The sage realized that this man had finally got it.

He smiled as he gently put the sharp sword down on the ground.

Quietly, the wise sage said,

“Dear king, now you can go and rule your kingdom.”


Now, you might be wondering, where are the answers ? You should deeply think about these questions. If you were the king what will you say, standing on the cliff, the sage pointing a sword at you?

1. What is the most important time ?

All our concepts about time - past, future - everything, dissolves in the moment, there is only the NOW...

All thoughts vanished when the king saw the sword pointed at him. So, there is only the now, the present!

Everything else is a story and the quality of our story is the quality of our life.

2. Who is the most important person ?

Some may say jokingly, “The guy pointing the sword” or, “yourself” and that’s correct, “the person you are with” is the right answer.

But it is the other way around. When we are with someone we are preoccupied with ourselves, we are thinking about our own things, or what we are going to say. And when we are on our own, we think about other people. So, the most important person is the person you’re with. If you are on your own, then you’re the most important person. If you’re with someone else, then that person is the most important person at that point of time.

3. What is the most important thing to do ?

Remember before the sage came, the king felt tremendous love and care for his kingdom.
The most important thing to do is to love and care, and to be kind.

Live in the present, give your 100% to the person you’re with and be more kind and caring.

That’s all needed in life.

- From the annals of the world wide web

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