Saturday, 6 September 2014

.....passing by the joys of life without even knowing that we have missed anything.....

“We move through the world in a narrow groove, preoccupied with the petty things we say and hear, brooding over our prejudices, passing by the joys of life without even knowing that we have missed anything. Never for a moment do we taste the heady wine of freedom. We are as truly imprisoned as if we lay at the bottomof a dungeon, heaped with chains.”Yang Chu, Chinese philosopher, 4th Century B.C.E.

What is the basic human problem that no apparent remedy

will cure? What is our existence all about? How can we
ever possibly comprehend the whole of it? And yet isn't
knowledge of the Whole-knowledge that's not relative, or
dependent on changing conditions-precisely what would be
required to free us from the doubts and dilemmas that cause
us so much pain and anxiety?
We long to be free from our confusion and discontent,
not to have to live out our lives chained helplessly to uncertainty
and fear. Yet we often do not realize that it's precisely
our confused state of mind that binds us.
There is a way to move beyond this ignorance, pessimism,
and confusion, and to experience-rather than comprehend-
Reality as a Whole. This experience is not based on
any conception or belief; it is direct perception itself. It's seeing
before signs appear, before ideas sprout, before falling into
It's called enlightenment. It's nothing more or less than
seeing things as they are rather than as we wish or believe
them to be.
This liberation of mind-this direct awareness of Reality
as a Whole-is fully accessible to anyone willing to attend to

their actual experience. - Steve Sagen

Carpe diem!

Bildet er tilsalgs på veiledningssenteret for pårørende, Sandnes

Nå har jeg registrert meg på Bloggurat. Jeg har plassert min blogg i Sandnesnorske bloggkart!

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