Thursday, 1 May 2014

poetic meditative landscape - Observe your thoughts - Who are you?

Oil /wax paint by Jane MonicaTvedt

Observe your thoughts - Who are you?

- What happens if you observe your thoughts?

- What happens if you ask yourself where do your thoughts come from?

- Who is thinking all these thoughts?

- Are you your thoughts, or are they something that occur to you?

- Do your thoughts belong to you, or do they just pass through your mind?

If you keep asking yourself these questions, in time, you will discover that you, the Real You, is not your thoughts and is not dependent on your thoughts.

By trying to observe your thoughts, with a bit of detachment, you will develop calmness, inner peace and silence, and it leads you into meditation.

Observation will give you the ability to look inside your thoughts and the ego-personality. Constant practise will give you greater insight, and lead to awareness and knowledge of the Real Self.

You are the essence of LOVE, JOY & PEACE

By Monica 


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